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28 May 2012 @ 08:06 am
How to rec at the Crack Broom  
To be a reccer for a month at the crack_broom you should know the requirements first:

Minimum: 4 story recs (up to 2 re-recs allowed)
Maximum: 8 recs (your extra 4 recs can be either stores, art, videos or podfics)
Posts allowed per day: 2
All recs must be in separate posts. Recs must be new to the community unless marked as a re-rec. You may only re-rec fanworks that can no longer be accessed through the link provided in our memories -- because they've been moved, deleted, etc.
You may not rec yourself.
Locked Recs must be a last-resort: Look for open links first. Only link to communities or places people can easily join to gain access to.

To Sign Up:

1. Visit the Gateway to Sign-Ups, click on the pairings or genres you wish to rec, and reply to the posts. You can sign up for more than one pairing or genre at a time, the mods will make sure you're not reccing twice in a month :)

2. Keep an eye on The Big Queue to see which months you're reccing and plan accordingly.

3. You can keep track of how many recs you've posted so far here.

4. Join the community: When your name comes up as a flier for the month, join the community as a member right away so the mods can approve you for posting.

To Rec:

1. Visit your pairing or genre page from the Gateway to Sign-Ups and copy and paste the format that you should use to make your rec. It will lead your through the steps you need to take to make the rec and help your rec be easily approved. All recs need to follow the Subject Line and Tag directions as well as what is copied out of the text box.

2. Decide what you want to rec. You can find out if the work has been recced before by moving to step 3.

3. Visit the Community Memories and find look for the work you'd like to rec under the appropriate pairing. If it has been recced before, but the links are broken, feel free to rec it again -- but keep in mind you can only re-rec 2 works per month! You may also check the newness of your rec by visiting your pairing/genre's tag, if you want to :)

4. Make your rec, using the text on the pairing/genre page that you copied earlier. It's all pre-coded for you, so you should just have to fill in title, creator, link to creation, etc.

5. Add the required subject line and tags to your post, then hit 'post to community'!